Brad EmeryBrad Emery
19:04 01 Apr 24
I recently finished my post hip replacement rehab at OMPT Specialists PT in Auburn Hills and cannot say enough great things about the facility and the people. Dr. Molly Balbach was amazing and was able to get my hip strength, stability, and flexibility better than ever in a few short months. Maddy Barnewold, who guided me through the additional strength and conditioning exercises, was also a great contributor to my successful recovery. The whole team truly made it a great experience, and crazy as it sounds, I really miss going there. Besides being great at what they do, they are great peopIe who really care and enjoy getting to know you. I have been able to do many things again without any pain including working out on an elliptical and playing golf. Again thanks to Molly and Maddy and the rest of the team for the support in my recovery.
Larry JansenLarry Jansen
19:41 02 Mar 24
My experience at OMPT Auburn Hills has been wonderful— better than I ever expected. I had tried several good resources, searching for help, but for this issue, I finally began to feel relief and increased range of motion at OMPT. This treatment was exactly what I needed. Every staff member has genuinely been interested in helping me. Dr Danielle Bongiorno has been an incredible therapist. She cares, listens, asks questions, and applies manual PT designed to help my neck issues. I had nearly resigned myself to a chronic stiff and painful neck. Everyone at OMPT has been fantastic.
montae willismontae willis
18:55 21 Nov 23
I have been a client at OMPT-Auburn Hills for the past nine weeks. My therapist Danielle is the absolute best! She was able to quickly adopt a plan to help me with my sciatica pain. Upon my first visit my pain was approx. a 9/10. Danielle worked on me with manual massage and traction to loosen the muscles surrounding the nerve. She also prescribed me exercises to do at home. I am proud to say I am pain free—0/10! My therapist’ plan worked to perfection.I am so grateful for OMPT and their staff for treating me like family. Highly recommended.
13:57 09 Nov 23
Life changing! I was sent to another PT company and they didn't even try to figure out what was wrong with me. My doctor told me to try OMPT and I got personal care and help to fix my issues. in the future if I need PT again I will always come back to OMPT.
Andrew ShannonAndrew Shannon
14:06 06 Sep 23
Highly recommend this PT office. Molly and Maddy have worked on my shoulder for two weeks now and I will keep coming back. I feel optimistic about my shoulder for the first time in 3 years.
John GrundhoferJohn Grundhofer
16:24 06 Aug 23
I came in to OMPT with hip/knee problems that were preventing me from exercising regularly and running and sometimes even had difficulty walking. After working with Molly Balbach and the OMPT team for a couple of months, I am back to my regular routine with no pain. I really didn't think this possible, but the workouts/massages I received while I was there combined with the stretching exercises I was taught to do at home have really helped. Highly recommend!
DavidJ RojasDavidJ Rojas
00:49 21 Jun 23
I want to thank everyone at Auburn Hills OMPT specially Molly. They listen to what you have to say and ask lots of questions, they are a very friendly group of people that I enjoyed meeting, thank you all for helping me to heal 💖.
Chelsea GrossmannChelsea Grossmann
18:50 09 Jun 23
I broke my clavicle and tore my cc ligaments on Christmas Day and had reconstructive surgery 8 days later. I cannot imagine a better group of people to get me through a miserable winter stuck inside doing very little. They are kind, knowledgable, funny, relatable, and have a great sense of humor with every person that came through. Nothing they did hurt, nothing said was critical, and I was back to yard work and golfing in 3/4 months. PT was honestly the highlight of my weeks, and made my shoulder feel stronger and more flexible each visit. My recovery was not without mental and physical hurdles, but these wonderful humans were a big part of keeping a positive attitude and healing as quickly as possible. I’m so grateful to every one of them, and to the management who chose a good group, and provided a pleasant place to heal.
Sonny GurneySonny Gurney
11:15 30 May 23
I've worked with both Molly and Danielle and they were both great! I was having a lot of pain with my shoulders and they address my needs with in office P.T. along with instructions for exercises to be completed at home. I highly recommend OMPT in Auburn Hills.
Lana ThorpeLana Thorpe
18:44 24 Mar 23
I have been spending a lot of time at OMPT! I really have always hated therapy but I am very happy there! They are all so helpful and friendly. I really love my therapist, Danielle! She is the best I’ve had and I have had quite a few!
Laura KlimaskiLaura Klimaski
22:22 12 Dec 22
OMPT staff were wonderful. Molly, PT, is great. She has taken the time to explain the process and how I can do things on my own to relieve my pain. The place to not overly too big or noisy. It provides a relax atmosphere. Never feel rushed or crowded.
Lori PenmanLori Penman
20:15 28 Nov 22
My experience with OMPT has been exceptional. My therapist, Molly, used her extensive knowledge in anatomy and therapy techniques to succesfully treat a painful and limitating injury. The courtesy and professionalism of everyone at Auburn Hills has been great. I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Brian KitchenmasterBrian Kitchenmaster
14:23 14 Nov 22
Due to a rotory cuff injury, my family Doctor recommended i go to OMPT. I am happy she did. The team here is amazing, personal and truely care for the patients they treat. Katlyn was my therapist and was so good and helping ne work thru my injury and quickly had me back to reducing and finally eliminating my pain and gave me the use of my sholder back! Great team here and i highly recommend them to my family and friends!
Doug HornbuckleDoug Hornbuckle
15:41 06 Oct 22
Came in with extreme pain with Pinched nerve, left with none. Molly was great, she was very personable & interested in well being. Along with great staff of Natalie & Bella..I would highly recommend OMPT of Auburn hills. Thank you for the high level of service and care you provided me!
Kyle KincannonKyle Kincannon
13:25 28 Sep 22
My experience with OMPT Specialists was wonderful! Natalie went over and beyond to help me get the process started with my therapy sessions I’m so thankful for her. Molly my therapist was awesome she is kind, enthusiastic and gentle. Bella her assistant was very helpful and attentive. Great staff ❤️ I LOVE the Aqua therapy! Place is always clean. If I need therapy services in the future OMPT Specialist is where I will be!
Twanna HayesTwanna Hayes
20:27 27 Jul 22
I am so glad I chose OMPT for my physical therapy needs, they are so friendly, understanding, & passionate about thier craft. All my future therapy sessions will be with them & not to mention, they so close to my place of residence.
Noor SimonNoor Simon
23:03 17 Jul 22
I’ve went to many physical therapists but I had the best experience and best results here. The staff was very friendly and helpful especially my therapist Molly. The place is also very clean. I would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.
Ebtesam AboullabanEbtesam Aboullaban
15:46 28 Jun 22
I have very good experience with this location, Even though it's new and it does not have lots of equipment but it's clean, Quiet, It has very nice team,My therapist, Molly has like magic hands every time she does massage on me she makes me feel much better. I love coming here.
Lawrence HallmanLawrence Hallman
23:36 25 May 22
My treatment and work with Christie Booth Smith exceeded my expectations! Christie used a scientific and data driven approach to treatment and tracking progress. Goals were set and measurements made in terms of gaining range and strength in my hip joint. Christie also provided recommended exercises and instructions throughout the treatment journey. Coordination with my primary care doctor and consulting orthopedic surgeon was greatly appreciated. Very satisfied with the outcome and results.
Priyank SharmaPriyank Sharma
16:03 02 Mar 22
I wanna say thank you to the team here at Auburn hills. Special thanks to Molly for helping improve upon my arm and shoulder pain. Great support from Bella as well. Very polite and motivational team. I might visit you guys again!!!
Kimberly KomjathyKimberly Komjathy
18:16 12 Jun 21
I injured my neck doing some fall yardwork. I was having numbness in my arm and nerve pain. I couldn’t sleep. Christie was able to determine exactly which vertebrates in my neck had issues. She then worked hard to take care of the issue and I was able to regain complete range of motion and the numbness and nerve pain were completely alleviated. She also showed me the motions that I had done to create the problem, and advise me on how to work differently in the future to avoid the problem. The spring I’ve been able to do my yardwork and I have not had the problem return!
Keith KinseyKeith Kinsey
04:06 10 Jun 21
My experience with OMPT was wonderful. I was in pretty bad shape when I started my therapy, but my therapist Christie, really worked hard to get me back well and feeling good. She is very knowledgeable, and she has so much compassion and understanding as you work yourself back to recovery. The whole entire staff was awesome! They really made me feel comfortable, and went out of their way to meet my needs. I'm truly not trying to reinjure myself, but if it occurs I wouldn't hesitate to return.
Sally Cole-MischSally Cole-Misch
16:42 09 Jun 21
Christie has provided her expertise, advice and kindness for three injuries over several years. Each time I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve healed AND learned how to continue various exercises to prevent further injury to that area. I’ve recommended Christie to many family members and friends and they are always thrilled with her work as well. Thank you, Christie and OMPT!
Ramsey SweisRamsey Sweis
13:55 08 Jun 21
Working with Christie and her team at OMPT has been an amazing experience for the rehabbing of ankle surgery. Scientific in their approach with a focused attention to their patient. My recovery was on schedule delivering results I was quite pleased with.Their team is very professional, patient and dedicated to their craft. They went out of their way to explain how and why to their approach. I highly recommend working with OMPT.
Jaclyn MachnakJaclyn Machnak
17:34 16 Oct 20

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