00:43 15 Apr 24
Incredibly pleased with the progress I have made while at OMPT in Commerce, Michigan. Was diagnosed with two separate autoimmune diseases, which were both causing progressive spinal arthritis. I had lost considerable mobility in my spine and was beginning to feel like I would never be able to do the things I truly enjoy in life again. After four months of sessions with Alex, I am now driving for the first time in several years, can climb stairs again, raise my arms over my head without pain, have regained a healthy posture, can sleep through the night and literally feel about 15 years younger. Not all physical therapists are equal in what they can do for you. The therapists at OMPT have additional training in Manual Physical Therapy, which improves their ability to mobilize your joints (in my case, the vertebrae in my spine) and stretch your ligaments. Most physical therapists only have you do active muscle work, which really limits the progress you can make. Alex, through consistent evaluation and assessment, has developed a custom exercise program which I do on my own time to maximize the progress I make under his treatment. If you need to find competent physical therapists who have the additional training to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals, I highly recommend checking out OMPT of Commerce. The front office staff, Carrie and Shannon, are highly professional and courteous as well, always making sure I have an updated appointment schedule and exercise program printout, answering any questions I might have. Thank you to Alex, Carrie, Shannon, Angelica and Lexi, who have all been so kind to me throughout my time there. 5 stars!
This thank you message is long over due and I apologize to the each of the Amazing Staffers at OMPT. I went to seeJill Knuth, PT, DPT, for my shoulder(reverse total shoulder replacement). Not only did I improve in strength and flexibility Jill educated me on how to function properly with this new shoulder. A reverse total shoulder replacement is different. Thanks to Jill I have no issues with my shoulder. Went back to Jill for severe neck issues and daily headaches. After a procedure from traditional medicine Jill further educated me on proper posture and tips with posture during exercise. She also taught stretches that helps rid me of my headaches and improves my neck stiffness. I am forever grateful for all that she has done. The front desk staff is always pleasant and quick on their feet with scheduling, insurance ? Or any paperwork required of me. The PT AIDS are so pleasant and concerned for your wellbeing and really want to help in anyway to make your workout enjoyable. Thank you everyone I appreciate all of you. If anyone is in need of PT please don’t hesitate GO you will do right for yourself.SincerelyAnnemarie
Maria PassenoMaria Passeno
13:55 26 Oct 23
I wanted to express my gratitude for Alex at OMPT. I had a very complicated case due to the scarring of my tissue around my knee. I came here after nearly 6 months of weekly therapy, working with various physical therapists. I felt so discouraged, defeated and depressed. When I met Alex, I saw a glimmer of hope. Alex’s approach was different from all the previous therapists . He worked with me to create flexibility through personalized exercises that helped me strengthen and gain flexibility and also through massage to help break up tissue. He was the first therapist to be so mindful of not pushing me to a point of pain. Before Alex, I didn’t think I could make progress without feeling pain. I am thankful my path eventually led me to his healing hands. He personalized a plan for me and was always gentle and mindful of my physical and mental state. He has helped me monumentally in working towards a more enjoyable life with more flexibility and mobility. I can’t thank him enough. I will always remember him and wish him the best, OMPT is so incredibly lucky to have him- he is an invaluable asset to their team.
Katharine ReddemanKatharine Reddeman
23:53 12 Jul 23
I have lower back & sciatica pain, Emily was absolutely wonderful helping me with exercise & stretching to alleviate pain so I can function daily. Would definitely recommend her.
Kathy WeiseKathy Weise
13:04 13 Jun 23
Emily is an absolutely amazing !! Always a joy to be with. Emily totally motivated me to get stronger and work harder to recover from my injury. She is 100%committed to helping you and motivating you to get stronger!!!
Diane DownesDiane Downes
22:23 01 Jun 23
Jill has helped me enormously with my back. She's very encouraging, patient and she explains things so well. Thank you so much Jill!
Mandy RebtoyMandy Rebtoy
11:59 29 Jan 23
I recently completed 8 weeks of PT and have only wonderful things to say about my experience at the OMPT Specialists in Commerce. Emily was phenomenal - she was professional, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable. She did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable during our sessions because she took the time to educate me during treatment. Emily created a well-thought out, individualized treatment plan for me that I was able to continue at home. I am so thankful for Emily's care and empathy and felt better each week that I saw her. The office staff was very easy to work with as far as scheduling and the whole overall experience for my first time in PT was pretty incredible.
Diane DobrittDiane Dobritt
00:59 20 Jan 23
Everyone at OMPT goes above and beyond to make sure each and every patient is taken care of all the way from scheduling to physical therapy. Jill knuth was amazing to work with. She truly cares about her patients and provides excellent one on one care and is always so positive and encouraging during PT.
joan samsjoan sams
21:37 04 Jan 23
My experience at OMPT with Jill was more than positive. Always greeted by the staff, and appreciated the one on one treatment. I appreciate being challenged, and by the time I finished, I felt confident, and am doing so much better.The water aquatic was interesting and I truly enjoyed using it.The treatment room and equipment was plentiful, well maintained and cleaned after every use.Loved sharing the holiday fun with everyone!
Elizabeth ReedElizabeth Reed
13:28 13 Jun 22
Alex is amazing. He gave me one on one personal attention. He really listened to my areas of concern and was immediately able to work in the exact area, pain decreasing with each visit!! Alex is fun to chat with...just an overall comfortable and positive experience. I will miss Alex and the OMPT staff as i finish up my therapy. A million thank yous to all of you!!
Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones
16:58 04 Mar 22
3 rd time going back. Helps with my Fibromyalgia, Scleroderma, mixed Connective tissue disease pain. Both land and aquatic. The staff and therapists are great!
Michael HucalMichael Hucal
18:25 18 Nov 21
I used OMPT in August for my PT. Emily treated me and she is very knowledgable and professional. She formulated a plan we followed until my release and I continue with it at home. My time at OMPT was valuable with fantastic results. I highly recommend Emily
23:23 07 Sep 21
I am very pleased with my physical therapy treatment at OMPT. Working with Emily, she was extremely knowledgeable, always new which exercises to recommend.. She helped me after my rotation cuff and torn tendon shoulder surgery. She also was able to help me with lower back pain from last year's car accident. I am so thankful for all her help.
Jill HanbaJill Hanba
17:19 20 Dec 20
This is the best physical therapy place I have been to. I love working with the same therapist every visit. All the staff is really nice. They keep it clean and organized too. I would highly recommend OMPT and I will definitely use them again if I need physical therapy again.
Stephanie CarpenterStephanie Carpenter
16:34 02 Sep 20
Highly recommend Jill and staff. They are very friendly and professional. Jill is an excellent therapist and would recommend her to anyone. She is knowledgeable, caring and pushes her patients to get the most out of them. Can’t say enough positive things about them.
Adele P.Adele P.
19:08 24 Aug 20
I highly recommend OMPT. I was their patient in the Commerce location last year, they took great care of me as I was recovering from a bad femur fracture following a skiing accident. Alison was my PT and I cannot rave enough about her. She’s very knowledgeable, caring and just an overall wonderful person. She encouraged me through my tough recovery and celebrated with me all my milestones as if she was my friend not my PT.The entire staff is helpful, professional and caring. I cannot recommend this business enough, thanks for everything!
Luti ErbeznikLuti Erbeznik
02:43 08 Dec 19
I have injured my shoulder twice and Jill Knuth was helping me heal both times. Jill is simply a fantastic therapist: always smiling, full of energy, patient and thoughtful. Her expertise in the field is obvious and she cares genuinely about her clients. She is thorough, observant and detail oriented. Thank you so much! I would always go back to Jill for help with rehabilitation, and I highly recommend her. All other staff members at this location are very polite and professional as well.
Amy ClaytonAmy Clayton
00:58 15 Nov 19
I recently had PT done at the OMPT Commerce location. Unfortunately, my injury needed more than PT. I had the ultimate pleasure of working with Darlene, Naomi, and my Physical Therapist, Alison! They were very professional, and they made each session so comforting. I was impressed on how they treated each of their patients and they made me feel at home every time. Alison was amazing! She thoroughly massaged my injury and she would share informative facts about why each muscle was in pain, and how it impacted my body. I would 100% recommend this PT location, especially if you want to put your injury in the hands of people you can trust.
Richard HammondRichard Hammond
16:28 15 Sep 19
I have been to other PT facilities in the past and was looking for a more personalized level of care. I found that at OMPT Specialists in Commerce. The facilities are clean and the staff is very professional and caring. Alison was fantastic, guiding me through the exercises, and performing hands on massage therapy. She was there every step of the way (Not just pointing to a machine and telling me to go use it). The hydro treadmill was also helpful. Thanks again.

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