OMPT Specialists Commerce - Physical Therapy Testimonial

OMPT Specialists Commerce – Physical Therapy Testimonial

Commerce Twp PT – OMPT

After coming off knee surgery to replace a completely torn ACL, the Aqua Track is a perfect form of physical therapy for me. Unlike walking on solid ground, I am able to walk for an unlimited amount of time without experiencing any pain or agitation whatsoever because of the extremely low impact my knee endures. Although I am unable to jog more than 20 to 30 feet without feeling pain outside or on a standard treadmill, I can job for 10 minutes comfortably on the Aqua Track. Considering the fact that the water is heated to 98 degrees, I feel like I’m getting a solid workout and strengthening my knee while taking a warm bath. I can honestly say that its probably the highlight of my week. I usually have to drag myself outside to go to the gym, but I truly look forward to coming here for therapy and the Aqua Track.

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