Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy 1

We make pediatric physical therapy look like child’s play

Children are not little adults, and when they have illnesses or injuries affecting their bones, muscles or ligaments, they need specialized physical therapy. At OMPT Specialists, we are experts in working with kids of all ages on childhood conditions unique to them. We use manual physical therapy to address a broad variety of conditions, including muscle and joint limitations. Postural correction can help kids with curvature of the spine. Core training and education on safe movements can help kids with low back pain through lower back pain therapy or sports injury therapy.


Children with developmental coordination disorders can benefit from age-appropriate play activities, neuromuscular education and coordination activities.


Our Approach to Pediatric PT


Strengthening exercises and specialized equipment such as our AQUA FIT, an underwater treadmill for aquatic physical therapy (hydro therapy), can help your child build endurance through gentle resistance while the waters buoyancy protects delicate joints.


We Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard


Only OMPTs have received the additional training and knowledge to apply these techniques, and OMPT Specialists employs only certified and experienced physical therapists.


With five physical therapy clinics in Michigan with flexible hours, we offer unparalleled convenience for patients while holding ourselves to a much higher standard when it comes to our patient’s physical therapy.

Come see how a higher standard of physical therapy can make your child’s treatment seem like child’s play. Call us today for your appointment at (248) 353-1234 or request an appointment online here.

Our Patient’s Words

“My daughter Rebekah has cerebral palsy, and initially she was referred to OMPT Specialists to improve strength before having hip surgery, and continues to see her therapist for rehab and strengthening since her surgery. Both Rebekah and I just love Melodie, our therapist. Rebekah used to dread going to physical therapy, but since she started at OMPT, she enjoys it. She even misses her physical therapist when she misses an appointment. I have noticed a great improvement in everything Rebekah does.”

Pediatric Physical Therapy 2

“My daughter Michelle is 23 years old with C.P. She has known Melodie for about 20 years. Melodie knows Michelle’s limits but pushes her just a little further. Our physical therapist is always trying new exercises to achieve better results. She always talks over with me how she feels Michelle is doing. I highly recommend any parent with a child with physical disability to become one of Melodie’s kids at OMPT Specialists.”

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