Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

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Our Pre and Post-surgery rehabilitation program will fast-track your recovery, one step at a time.



If you have been told you need orthopedic surgery, there are steps you can take now to recover more quickly and successfully following your procedure. In many cases, your physician will refer you for physical therapy after your operation and in some cases, as soon as 24 hours post-surgery. At OMPT Specialists, we provide free consultations for patients scheduled for orthopedic surgery to answer any questions they may have about their rehabilitation or actual course of physical therapy treatment.

Our therapists are certified in orthopedic manual physical therapy and have completed the full postgraduate OMPT program. Research has shown that conditions that have not responded to traditional physical therapy often get better with OMPT treatment. In addition to manipulative therapy, we use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with the latest research findings on treatment outcomes to provide you with a customized physical therapy experience.

Our therapists can also help you prepare for surgery by strengthening your muscles and improving your range of motion, without pain or aggravating your condition. Patients who are in better condition often have better outcomes following surgery. From cervical and lumbar laminectomy, fusion, rotator cuff repair, joint replacement therapy, physical therapy after hip replacement and more, our therapists specialize in helping patients get back on track after surgery as quickly as possible.

Only OMPTs have received the additional training and knowledge to apply these techniques, and our staff are all certified and experienced OMPT therapists. With three physical therapy centers in Michigan and flexible hours, we offer unparalleled convenience for patients.


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Post-surgical Physical Therapy at OMPT Specialists

The OMPT Specialists facility is second-to-none, says Kate L. of Bloomfield Township, who began seeing her OMPT therapist after ankle replacement surgery. am not just doing simple exercises and balancing on boards, rather he has worked with me through a variety of manual therapy and strengthening techniques to loosen my Achilles and help me walk without pain. My surgeon did a wonderful job, but if it weren’t for my OMPT therapist, I wouldn’t be walking nearly as well as I am. My therapist took the time to consult with my surgeon before proceeding with therapy, and that was so important.

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