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Sports injury physical therapy mi

Get Back in the Game Faster with OMPT

Even the most well-conditioned, experienced athletes can suffer a sports injury. It’s how you handle the aftermath that counts.

At OMPT Specialists, we are experts in getting athletes back to their game as quickly as possible. That’s because we have specialized training in evaluating and treating all types of sports injuries, including those sustained during golf, soccer, biking and running. And just as every athlete is different, so too are the ways every one experiences an injury. That’s why a thorough evaluation and treatment plan should be tailored to every athlete’s capabilities in order to help them perform their best following an injury.

We use a wide variety of treatment techniques to help you get back in your game. Many rehab programs focus primarily on exercise, but our therapists are trained to provide manual physical therapy that can promote a full range of motion and better mobility of the joints and ligaments. Studies have shown this shortens the recovery time and gets patients back to their sport faster than those who have traditional physical therapy.

Manual Physical Therapists


Our therapists refer to the latest research regarding sports injuries treatment outcomes when providing you with a customized physical therapy plan.

Following your prescribed course of rehab, our physical therapists work closely with our strength and conditioning trainer to get you back on the court, field or greens as quickly as possible. If you are looking to enhance your performance, our trainers can show you how through proper stretching, strength training and flexibility exercises.

Come see how a higher level of physical therapy can get you back to peak performance. With three Michigan physical therapy centers and flexible hours, we offer unparalleled convenience for athletes wanting to get back in top form. Call us today for your initial appointment.

“Of course, we offer a broad array of exercise equipment as well, some unique to OMPT Specialists. Suspension exercise using the European Redcord sling system is beneficial for strength training and injury prevention and is used among world-class athletes all over the globe. Redcord suspension also provides immediate relief from acute and chronic muscle pain in just one treatment. AQUA TRAC, an underwater treadmill system (hydro therapy), provides gentle resistance and uses the buoyancy of water to decrease pressure on the discs and joints. We also offer high-tech training equipment from Cybex®, free weights, exercise balls and more.”

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