Get Ready For The Golf Season!

This is the perfect time to start preparations for a new golf season. Especially if your goal is to improve your game and hit the golf ball further. Just like any other sport, golf is also very important to prevent injuries. Golf has quite unique physical demands. It is not necessarily tiring from a cardiovascular standpoint. However, it is more enjoyable if you have good physical fitness. In order to stay healthy and injury-free you need to have good flexibility and strength throughout your body. You can consider golf as a “whole body sport”, since there are a lot of moving parts during the golf swing. It is beneficial to have good flexibility, especially in your spine, hips, and shoulders. To generate more swing, speed, and power, you need good strength in your core, muscles around your hips, thighs and shoulders. Good strength, balance, and flexibility is important when you try to swing consistently and effectively. To help strengthen these muscles, try out the following exercises:

Side stepping for hip/glute strengthening: 

Side plank for core strengthening:

Bent over rows for scapular strengthening:

If you are interested in getting professional help for your golf game, come see one of our Physical Therapists. Or if you are interested in learning about our TPI certified Physical Therapists visit our Golf Injury & Prevention page. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your strength and flexibility. Based on the evaluation, we will design a tailored golf fitness program, which will help you stay healthy, play better, and maybe even get more birdies and pars! If you are experiencing any pain during your golf game, contact OMPT Specialists to set up a free consultation!

By Jukka Pietila, PT, OMPT

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