Linda WoodinLinda Woodin
18:09 25 May 24
Megan is the Best
Cory HoltshouserCory Holtshouser
21:05 16 May 24
Jordan and the rest of the staff did a great job! I was having some knee issues, and he came up with a plan to help the pain and weakness of my knee. I would definitely recommend this place for all physical therapy needs!
Thomas MervakThomas Mervak
20:58 30 Apr 24
Highly professional in every way. Always on time, very clean and organized facility and staff. Individual appointments mean 100% attention for a full hour. I came after suffering severe pain from an injury of unclear origin with multiple doctors and no clear diagnosis. My therapist, Jordan, was quite certain after my eval that it was muscular and would respond to PT. I responded well immediately, and improved vastly in 8 sessions over 4 weeks, able to return to yard work and my beloved golf.
04:10 31 Mar 24
I would give more than 5 stars if I could. The entire staff is caring, helpful and funny! And I can't say enough good things about Kaitlyn, in particular. I thought I'd hate having to go to pt after my shoulder surgery but Kaitlyn is an awesome therapist - pushes me just enough that I feel like I'm making good progress and her positive reinforcement makes me want to work even harder! I would highly recommend OMPT Royal Oak to anyone needing any kind of physical therapy.
Hank RosmanHank Rosman
16:22 20 Oct 23
A great experience with the Royal Oak team! Kaitlyn is knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful. She is an exceptional communicator and instructor. Jacob was not assigned to my case but was glad to help whenever needed. Becca is warm and funny and made certain all appointments were easy to arrange.They’re a great outfit
Rachel ZRachel Z
21:13 18 Oct 23
When I came here in August, I had been suffering from intense chronic leg pain for the preceding three months that left me unable to walk properly, drive long distances, or get a good night's sleep. After my first session with Megan my sciatic nerve pain was noticeably diminished, and throughout the next five appointments with her I saw steady improvement to the point where I now have almost all of my original mobility back and am often not in pain at all. I owe my current quality of life to OMPT and to Megan, the physical therapist I had the pleasure of working with, because without them I might still be in a debilitating amount of pain. Thank you so much!
Dale CramerDale Cramer
20:03 11 Oct 23
I somehow managed to get a pinched nerve in my neck from lifting weights while exercising. My PCP recommended PT and referred me to OMPT in Royal Oak primarily because of their proximity to my home and having heard good things about this particular location. I had never needed or used PT in my life prior to this and wasn't sure how it would go. I can't imagine there being a better equipped, more knowledgeable and friendly team than Jordan's. What a wonderful experience. I was in considerable pain when I first arrived, but Jordan and his team of very professional individuals carefully eased me into an exercise program that worked and really helped. It took a little over a month, but Jordan, Nick, Kaitlyn and the whole crew at OMPT Royal Oak got me back on track and feeling fantastic once again. I could not have done it without them. Thank you, OMPT Specialists of Royal Oak!!
Mary B.Mary B.
18:37 22 Sep 23
The Royal Oak OMPT Team is top notch. Highly skilled. Professional. Friendly. Jordan Ollenberger, PT, DPT, and Megan Adams, PT, DPT, helped me achieve positive results during PT and they provided guidance for increasing flexibility and strength on my own.
John NiclesJohn Nicles
13:30 07 Aug 23
The staff here is the best. I am thankful that I came here rather than else where. This is the optimal place for me to be. Kaitlyn has done a great job taking care of me.
Dwight CongerDwight Conger
02:30 05 Aug 23
A great physical therapist can change your life. Kaitlyn Mosher is such. Most have you do exercises and watch your form and function. Kaitlyn puts hands on you and heals your body from the trauma of surgery.I was blown away by the talent of my hip replacement surgeon, Dr. Trevor Banka. I was equally impressed by my physical therapist, Kaitlyn Mosher.Thank you, Kaitlyn for everything you've done to heal my body.
Michael BrogowskiMichael Brogowski
06:52 26 Jul 23
Couldn't be happier with the level of service I recieve. Everyone here is so friendly, you'll feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. Kaitlyn is my physical therapist, and she does an amazing job. With her help I've regained much of my strength and am almost back to my prior level of functioning. If you're in need of physical rehabilitation, you couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend this place.
Taleen MarkarianTaleen Markarian
18:20 24 Jul 23
I worked with Jordan & a med student. They completely helped my shoulder, gave me exercises, & did messages too. Within no time my shoulder recovered a lot & is continuing to get better.
Amy BarkerAmy Barker
23:20 18 Jul 23
Kaitlyn was my mother’s physical therapist for several months after fracturing her knee during a fall. She was patient, explained each procedure, and had a very calming demeanor. She looked forward to each visit and did all of the suggested exercises at home. She owes her speedy recovery to Kaitlyn and would recommend her to anyone needing recovery help. (Wanda V)
I have a rare disease that comes with a side of muscle spasms, and after the spasms had gotten pretty severe, it was suggested I try physical therapy. However, it was difficult to find a physical therapist who was willing to take me on since we couldn’t ever fully address the underlying condition.After a long search, Jordan was the first therapist to agree to meet with me. I had sent information about my disease, and when we met, it was clear that he had done his research. Since day one, I’ve felt better.Jordan is great at releasing my spasms and tailoring exercises to fit my needs. He also understands that my treatment will be long-term and fluid, constantly adjusting as my body frequently changes.When Jordan is out, I see Megan. She is also wonderful. Like Jordan, she listens and is dedicated to helping her patients succeed. I am so lucky that I have gotten to work with two physical therapists who truly care, listen to their patients, and are willing to think outside the box.I’ve gotten to know nearly all of the staff over the last 11 months, and I truly adore them all.I cannot recommend this office enough for your physical therapy.
Dawn BDawn B
20:34 04 Apr 23
Had an amazing experience at OMPT Royal Oak when I was experiencing knee pain. Kaitlyn and Emily worked with me for months to get me into shape to continue being pain free. They taught me so much that I continue to use to help prevent that pain from coming back. Def recommend both ladies and OMPT in general for all pt needs. Everyone at the Royal Oak location are friendly and welcoming.
Mike LMike L
20:09 21 Oct 22
Having needed physical therapy on and off my entire life, I am glad I found OMPT Specialists. OMPT is one of the best! Megan, my therapist, really took the time to assess my needs, and she created an effective treatment program for me. She is an excellent P.T. I've shown improvement over the course and only stopped the sessions because my insurance ran out. (I'll be back!) The rest of the staff are very friendly and helpful. Together they keep the facility clean, orderly and welcoming.
Ellaine RichardsonEllaine Richardson
18:22 26 Sep 22
I am very happy to found this wonderful place! Kaitlyn Mosher PT, DPT, OMPT helped me immensely and spent a lot of time working with me. She was very thorough with my recovery process. OMPT Specialists of Royal Oak has a wonderful, professional and very caring team! They always kept the facility so clean. Front desk was always cheerful and friendly. They managed to almost make physical therapy fun! I would highly recommend OMPT of Royal Oak to anyone!!
Mahad ShaukatMahad Shaukat
18:39 25 Aug 22
Omar was my PT at OMPT, after having pain in my shoulder for two months I learned that it was much more than just shoulder pain, after seeing Omar for a little over a month I have recovered and am able to do workouts that I had trouble with for some time. Omar took his time during each appointment and thoroughly explained each exercise I needed to do to strengthen my shoulder. Thank you to all the staff at OMPT for being so kind and welcoming.
Cynthia ErlandsonCynthia Erlandson
23:45 24 Aug 22
I have been teaching exercise for 16 years, and went to Jordan O. and Omar with back pain from years of overuse. They both clearly knew what to do and how to do it. The manual therapy they did helped loosen up my tight back muscles, and they gave me exercises with which I had been unfamiliar, but which were targeted to my exact needs. They were both highly personable, pleasant, had a good sense of humor, and worked well together as a team. The front desk people were also very pleasant and helpful.
Malek JaradiMalek Jaradi
00:58 19 Aug 22
5 stars for OMPT! I came to OMPT after encountering an injury and left feeling better than before the injury. I was armed with the knowledge of what caused my injury, how to perform exercises to recover, and how to perform preventative exercises.Omar and Jordan ensured that my concerns were thoroughly addressed, I was educated, and that I was comfortable the entire time.I was always against visiting a PT, thinking I could address my injuries alone; but after OMPT, Omar, and Jordan, I stand corrected.
Stephanie HelminiakStephanie Helminiak
17:00 17 Aug 22
Highly recommend!! My PT Megan and her team went above and beyond to give me the best outcome possible when I needed knee surgery this winter. Super kind and incredibly knowledgeable.
Jamie JimenezJamie Jimenez
19:03 27 Jul 22
Great staff! Excellent therapists! Everyone there is very friendly and knowledgeable. Omar and Jordan were able to treat the issues I was having with both my foot and neck. Will use again if I have any other issues in the future.
Ruth VonrustenRuth Vonrusten
19:27 26 Jul 22
When I walked into OMPT(Royal Oak) I was barely walking! Having several herniated discs, sciatica and Arnold Chiari Malformation I really didn’t feel much hope. That day was a life changer for me thanks to Kaitlyn and the other staff there! I now can stand straight, my pain is reduced tremendously and I can walk and stand so much better, longer periods of time and farther distance. I do still have work to do but with Kaitlyn on my team, I feel confident that I will continue to progress! I have and will continue to highly recommend OMPT not only to friends but to precious cargo meaning my family. One of my family members used the Traverse City location and was very impressed. If you want to be treated well give OMPT a try. I have tried many others and OMPT beats them by far!
Anthony BonarAnthony Bonar
17:15 05 May 22
I've had hip and back pain ranging from discomfort to debilitating for years. In January, I visited a chiropractor for an adjustment and it left me unable to walk. After a PCP visit and a suggestion from a friend I decided to try PT for the first time. Kaitlyn was a tremendous help when it came to any issues I had along with some confusing symptoms and helped me finally make progress and get my back issues under control. The best part is she was able to meet my goal of being virtually pain free by golf season! I now have less pain then I've felt in years and would highly recommend Kaitlyn & OMPT to anyone!
Mariah SeyboldMariah Seybold
01:46 08 Mar 22
I'm so glad I found OMPT! I have had chronic hip pain for years that was disrupting my life and I finally decided to get some help. Kaitlyn was a great listener and worked hard to find the root cause of my issue. She taught me how to strengthen muscles I didn't even realize were weak and made sure I had a plan to continue my treatment at home. I feel great now that I understand why I had pain and what I can do to prevent it. Can't recommend Kaitlyn and OMPT enough.
Tena SalmonsTena Salmons
19:34 02 Jan 22
In February of 2021 I slipped and fell on ice and broke my right arm just below the shoulder socket which resulted in surgery that required a metal plate. It was a long and painful recovery. When it came time to start my physical therapy I must admit I was a little apprehensive about finding the right physical therapist off a long list of PT clinics given to me by my surgeons office. I felt so blessed when I choose OMPT Specialist in Royal Oak and met my wonderful physical therapist Kaitlyn Mosher. She is a talented, caring professional who really helped me get back on my road to healing and recovery. Kaitlyn really cares about her patients and worked closely with me establishing the best physical therapy treatment and exercise program. I highly recommend Kaitlyn and will always be grateful to her for service to me.
Beth BrabbsBeth Brabbs
03:08 15 Dec 21
Megan, my PT at OMPT Specialists Physical Therapy, helped me tremendously with chronic back and leg pain. I had been experiencing this pain for many months, and had pursued therapy at a different clinic where the focus was not on manual therapy, without success in relieving my symptoms. Thanks to Megan’s knowledge and expertise, I am able to do yoga again, and my pain is greatly reduced. Thank you OMPT for helping me get back to place in my life where I can move again without significant pain!
Robert WantinRobert Wantin
19:01 27 Oct 21
I'll try not to sound too gushing or hyperbolic, but Megan and the team here are THE BEST, full stop. Is it strange that I am a little sad that I am now finished? Maybe. But that is a reflection of how good the experience was. If you have to have some PT, this is your place.
Johnette KendrickJohnette Kendrick
18:41 04 Aug 21
My doctor recommended OMPT and they are the best. Megan, was my therapist and she treated my hip and knee. I'm back walking, also the staff was great. OMPT is the BEST!!!!!😃
Theresa FalzoneTheresa Falzone
15:03 12 Jul 21
Kaitlyn Morton is amazing! She treated me for chronic leg/hip and shoulder/neck issues. Her treatment for my leg/hip was unlike that I received from any other PT and fixed the issue. Her attention to my shoulder/neck pain went above and beyond, as far as getting to the root of the problems and looking for long-term solutions.Everyone is the office is helpful and friendly. I told her she is my PT for life!

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