• Massage Therapy

    Muscle tension constricts your circulation – massage helps release those chronically tense and tightened muscles to increase blood flow and help relax your body.

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    Sports Injury Physical Therapy

    Many rehab programs focus primarily on exercise, but our therapists are trained to provide manual physical therapy that can promote a full range of motion and better mobility of the joints and ligaments. Studies have shown this shortens the recovery time.

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    Spinal Injury Physical Therapy

    Created by a certified orthopedic manual physical therapist (OMPT), treatments focus on the use of manual physical therapy techniques that increase strength and flexibility while relieving painful symptoms as quickly as possible. Research has shown that OMPT delivers quicker, more thorough results than traditional physical therapy.

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    Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

     In addition to manipulative therapy, we use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with the latest research findings on treatment outcomes to provide you with a customized physical therapy experience.

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    Pediatric Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

    At OMPT Specialists, we are experts in working with kids of all ages on childhood conditions unique to them. We use manual physical therapy to address a broad variety of conditions, including muscle and joint limitations.

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    Aquatic Physical Therapy

    The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers great benefits. You can experience the benefits of warmth and decreased joint stress while exercising, which is especially helpful if you are recovering from surgery.