Is pain limiting your golf game? Do you have limitations affecting your golf swing? Or are you interested in learning how to improve your golf performance?

OMPT Specialists has Titleist Performance Institute trained physical therapists to help you reach your full potential. The Titleist Performance Institute certification trains physical therapists to analyze a golfer’s motion and identify physical limitations that may impact their golf performance. This helps to optimize the golfer’s swing and helps to reduce the risk of future injuries. Our program will provide you with specific exercises to address the physical limitations before they become a problem, and potentially lead to injury.

Our OMPT Certified physical therapists work one-on-one to provide a comprehensive, golf-specific functional movement screen where they assess flexibility, neuromuscular control, joint mobility, balance, and power. An individualized program will then be created to improve balance and coordination, strength, golf posture, and overall golf performance. We currently have three locations with TPI Certified physical therapists that are ready to help players get fit to play their best golf game.

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Why Choose OMPT Specialists?
At OMPT Specialists, we specialize in treatment programs with proven results to get our patients better as quickly as possible. Our revolutionary, advanced form of physical therapy will promote a speedy recovery and the ability to return to daily activities. We use advanced methods to unlock the healing potential within. This is done by targeting the source of the pain, resulting in results that last a long time.
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