Shantinique MillerShantinique Miller
05:13 03 Nov 22
My experience here was AMAZING! Alison was by far the best physical therapist I’ve ever had. She’s very caring, patient and attentive! I haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you OMPT & thank you Alison!
Bev BBev B
23:53 18 Oct 22
I was fortunate to work to Alison - she was so pleasant and helpful for me strengthening and working with exercises that were helpful for my torn medial meniscus. I have excellent resources and exercises she gave me to help me at home. Thank you Alison - I am grateful for her services and time with you.
Kim MylesKim Myles
13:41 13 Oct 22
This place has a welcoming and calming vibe. The staff is friendly and greats you with positive energy every time.My therapist Hana, helped heal my back by teaching me exercises that I could also do at home.During my sessions I feel as though she takes the time to get to know me personally, so she can better motivate me to continue to practice healthy habits at home that promote self healing.The entire staff works together to assist all their clients seamlessly.If you need PT, this place will help you heal and reclaim your quality of life♥️
Terence FranklinTerence Franklin
14:12 01 Oct 22
I walked in with my back bent over from”3”Back Surgeries, I left Standing Straight Up Thanks to The Best Staff at OMPT Southfield. Very Knowledgeable, Professional, Courteous and Kind. First Hanna My Therapist Thank You for the techniques you taught me to help alleviate the pain. I have to also Thank Matthew, Kayla and Kim for your help. Additionally, to the Best Front Desk, Courtney Thank You so much for helping me with the right schedule, especially with the water.If you are looking for a Rehabilitation place this is it.😀👍
M BahrM Bahr
19:37 01 Sep 22
OMPT Specialist Southfield MI is a refreshing example of excellence. They obviously select and develop high-quality people that work together as a positive and professional team.I was blessed to be in the care of Alison D for my rotator cuff therapy. Alison is highly professional, respectful, gracious, and competent.Thank you!
Mike WMike W
19:53 18 Apr 22
Thanks to the team at OMPT I have found new relief!! For about 5 years I have worked with TMJ and neck pain and I was looking for additional treatment. I reached out to OMPT talked to Allison and she explained the treatment . She is kind, thorough and skilled. The treatment involved jaw traction and massaging the tissues in your jaw. It was definitely a positive experience.TMJ disfunction can be rough and scary. Don’t let it push you around. Listen to your body, take care of yourself and look for help. OMPT can help.
mike zeglenmike zeglen
18:49 16 Apr 22
A recent shoulder MRI showed that I had a torn rotator cuff tendon, causing me much pain and substantially restricted range of motion. I had an orthopedic surgical consult and I was considering that option when my primary physician suggested PT therapy first and recommended Ompt Specialists. Said she had positive feedback from patients that had been treated by Ompt. The Southfield office was closest for me and Hannah Ford became my therapist. Hannah did an excellent job in structuring and implementing a rehab program for me that included targeted excercise, massage and orthopedic manipulation. I did my part by doing the excercises at home, which are now part of my daily routine. I am very happy to say that I now have substantially increased range of motion, substantially reduced pain and can avoid surgery. I hold Ompt Specialists in the highest regard and absolutely recommend them as an outstanding physical therapy provider.
Minda NicholsMinda Nichols
23:01 08 Mar 22
Hannah was so kind and informative and helped me to heal. I enjoyed seeing her during our weekly visits. She also armed me with simple exercises I can easily do at home to maintain strength and prevent pain.Thank you, OMPT Specialists for your excellent service!
Ned GreenbergNed Greenberg
14:43 23 Feb 22
I'm 90% improved after working with Alison at OMPT. You always want to find a therapist with the instincts and skill to uncover and treat the exact area that will help alleviate pain - Alison is that type of therapist. I hope I don't need to go back, but if I do I'm heading straight to her again for treatment.
Jen GoshornJen Goshorn
21:56 17 Feb 22
I just completed therapy with Allison Davis. It was a great experience and my mobility is greatly improved. Allison is patient, caring , andher treatment plan resolved my hip pain. I highly recommend Allison and the staff at OMPT Southfield.
Moussia GeisinskyMoussia Geisinsky
17:41 28 Dec 21
I just graduated today from therapy at OMPT Southfield with Allison Krause. I started going there after breaking my foot. The staff is nice and pleasant. Allison is extremely caring, patient and helpful. Her massages gave me a boost every time I went and she always found the right exercises to put the right muscles in motion. She is extremely tuned into my progress, and was always encouraging and finding solutions to all the issues that came up. For example, just before graduating I wanted to wear heels for a wedding. When I shared that I was nervous to do it, she offered me to bring the shoes to the next session so that we can practice together, or find if a padding or something is needed in the shoe. This is just a little example to show how caring and helpful she is.In short, I can’t recommend them enough!
Carnetta ElderCarnetta Elder
21:23 03 Nov 21
I am so thankful to have chosen OMPT Specialist Southfield location to meet my physical therapy needs!! The staff is very professional, courteous and well organized!! My therapist “Hannah Ford” is totally awesome!! She is very knowledgeable, patient, understanding, motivating and compassionate in her pursuit to choose and administer the best therapy program to support my core needs!! I would definitely highly recommend this staff and location, it has made all the difference during this pandemic!! They have the Midas touch!! I truly appreciate their exemplary service extended!! Keep up the good work!!
Katie HomantKatie Homant
22:23 01 Nov 21
I have been going to OMPT for a pinched nerve. Allison K. is my specialist and she has been wonderful. She has worked to calm the nerve while providing me with stretching and alternatives to my workouts. She is a wealth of knowledge and makes me feel like the end of my pain is near!Considering the pain I was in when I first starting going - just 3 weeks ago - I appreciate this more than I can say. In addition, the environment is professional while still being fun.
Taneka HicksTaneka Hicks
13:44 21 Oct 21
After years of physical therapy I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of what I can expect from session to session. However, with Alison at OMPT there’s a certain kind of effort in making each session exactly what I am needing and more. Her hands are “magical” !! Everyone is kind and seems to be very knowledgeable in their expertise. Needless to say, I would definitely recommend this business for physical therapy.
M.S. KhanM.S. Khan
05:35 12 Oct 21
The Unique thing about this Therapy place is their hands-on approach. I had a therapist, a young lady , Alison Davis, who was very efficient, quickly understood and started the therapy. She has a doctoral degree in PT. Gave me a demo of my spine issue with a model. I can tell that she is on the right track and feel the improvement. I would highly recommend her.I also highly recommend this particular location. The staff is very good, efficient and caring.

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