Bruce MitchellBruce Mitchell
09:48 23 Apr 24
Omar was a very friendly and knowledgeable therapist who helped me recover from a rotator cuff injury. After a month of 2x/wk sessions my shoulder was pain free and much stronger. The rest of the team was very friendly, professional and helpful. The facility was well equipped and clean. I would highly recommend. Thank you Omar and the OMPT Troy team!
Diane BarrettDiane Barrett
00:28 29 Mar 24
Alyssa Logle was my miracle worker. She was prompt, spent the session massaging my very arthritic back while explaining clearly what was going on with the pain. Today was my last session and I will miss her and how successful she was treating me.❤️
Krisid MissoKrisid Misso
17:43 26 Feb 24
I experienced a very speedy recovery with Omar! Very friendly staff and no waiting time. Previously I couldn't walk for more than 10minutes due to Plantar Fasciitis. No shoes or exercises made any real difference. Now I can stand and walk for hours, same as I did previously. I felt the improvement since day 1. Thank you Omar, thank you OMPT!
Betty WarnerBetty Warner
16:00 12 Sep 23
OMPT offers a pleasant yet effective approach to physical therapy. I am astounded at the amount of progress I made in such a short period of time.
Erin BellErin Bell
15:47 30 Jun 23
I was treated for neck tension that was suspected to be causing a slew of other symptoms. Dr. Kennedy listened to me and helped me week after week and helped me understand what was going on with my body and provide me relief from what I was experiencing. Every week we could feel slight improvement. She explained many exercises for me to do at home to maintain the progress we were making, and always made sure I understood how to do them properly and felt set up for success after every appointment. Dr. Kennedy also gave me so much support in my diagnosis journey personally, as it became very stressful. Tina, their massage therapist, is also super great and knows her stuff!Additionally, although there were some hiccups with insurance, the front desk staff was always very friendly and willing to help. The billing department though is another story.. all the sudden they sprung an over $300 additional payment on me around 6 months after treatment had ended and couldn’t really give me an explanation why. I don’t have that money lying around so they have threatened to send me to collections even though I’ve never been mailed a bill… i thought I was paid off. Very unwilling to work with you on payments. Just seems like a money grab
Michael BatkoMichael Batko
21:24 23 Jun 23
I wanted to take a min to write a well deserved review for OMPT Troy - Meghan Jackson was my therapist off and on for various issues for almost 3 years. I have to say she is the best PT person I have ever worked with. She is well educated, takes the time to understand what your concern is and tries may different approaches until one works for you! I would rate her as a must see as all therapists are not created equal and of course a 5 Star overall rating
Kitkat134 (Kitkat134)Kitkat134 (Kitkat134)
15:41 23 Jun 23
I went to OMPT on Kirts Rd in Troy after a year of struggling after foot surgery. Kaitlyn was able to explain why I was having the issues I was having. She really worked on my foot and gave me exercises to do there and at home. I had never been to a physical therapist before and I found the experience to be extremely helpful. The whole staff was great and very welcoming.
Montez McDonaldMontez McDonald
22:22 21 Jun 23
The staff at OMPT was knowledgeable, professional and personable. I would highly recommend them. 👍👍Montez McDonald
Kim DavisKim Davis
21:54 14 Jun 23
Excellent experience. OMPT Troy has been the best OMPT facility for both myself and my son. Kaitlyn is amazing. The staff are too! Kaitlyn is experienced, professional, innovative, flexible with scheduling, and gets you strong and healthy! Highly recommended!
Pat RubinoPat Rubino
16:36 14 Mar 23
I am deeply appreciative to Jeana and to the support staff at OMPT Physical Therapists Troy. I had previously been through a round of PT with a different PT group for the same painful arthritic neck issue that was not at all helpful. But Jeana carefully, thoughtfully, and knowledgeably listened to me, evaluated me and provided a plan which we progressed through, tweaking it at each session according to where my body was at that day, in a way that was always very helpful. Her expertise and hands-on manipulative approach were exactly what my body needed. She understood what my body required throughout the process. She also took me through a well-thought-out succession of exercises and approaches that relieved the pain, and left me with a home exercise program to help me remain pain-free. The team that supports the therapists are all kind, responsive and helpful. I highly recommend OMPT Troy.
Bethany MosshartBethany Mosshart
20:29 06 Dec 22
I am completely happy with my experience at OMPT Troy - Kirts. Jeana was skilled, pleasant, professional, and so very helpful. She is the one who figured out what the mysterious mess in my hip was - and then put me on the path to fix it. Her instructions were clear and simple for me to remember and her encouragement made it easy to keep up with the exercises at home. On top of all of that, the whole staff was helpful and nice, and their office was incredibly convenient for me, right near my office and my doc. I hope I do not need PT again anytime soon. If I do, however, I know right where I'll go!
Kevin MartinKevin Martin
14:53 22 Jul 22
Entire staff is professional with their work, yet enjoys having fun at work. PT's ensure individuals are included in recovery plans and actions. Very timely with appointments...I believe there was one time a 5-10 minutes delay out of my 20 visits.
Tushar DTushar D
13:23 21 Jun 22
Worst , money hugry and scoundrels.... signed up with contract saying they will submit the charges between $150-250 max to insurance based upon my referral order therapy....they submitted wrong charges of $450 for one visit and most of the exercises are not even performed... and once you try to get the answers for the queries they transfer from one dept. to other dept. and did not answers the call...very arrogant therapist just watching the clock to get over the session and did not pay attention towards the actual therapy.....very low minded and arrogant persons
Bradley FreyBradley Frey
18:25 23 May 22
This is the best PT office in my opinion. My knee and hip were a disaster from sitting at my desk job for 3 years. Didn't realize how much damage it can do to the body. After 2 months, I am back to running and other normal exercise that I wasn't able to do before I completed their program.
David SwansonDavid Swanson
22:58 05 May 22
OMPT Specialists, Kirts Blvd, Troy, is a very professional, knowledgeable, caring and positive environment for receiving massage and physical therapy services. Dr. Kaitlin Kennedy and the rest of the Staff took great care of me during my 10 weeks of physical therapy. Dr. Kennedy and Staff took great care to communicate with me and made sure I was consulted on all phases of my PT treatment. I cannot say enough about how they treated me. Dave Swanson
19:00 27 Apr 22
My Dr. prescribed PT for some low back pain. I knew it was the right thing for me, but I was hesitant. This was a mistake.From the time I entered care, I was warmly greeted at every appointment. An inquiry was made as to how I was doing, and if I was progressing or not. My therapist was attentive and knew EXACTLY how to treat my injury. In about 30 days, I am back to near 100%.All of the team at OMPT made me feel like I was their patient. I would like to single out Kaitlyn, who performed the physical work to bring me back to healthy. I truly couldn't have done this without her training and guidance.If you need PT, I would not hesitate to reach out to these folks. They're awesome!
Chamu GowrishankarChamu Gowrishankar
21:10 22 Feb 22
OMPT is the best place to go for physical therapy. I'm glad I chose Megan as my PT and she is very personable. I have only good things to say about her, the specialists/assistants, and the front desk staff members. They all are very professional and prompt and the facility is very clean. There is one more OMPT very close to where i live but I chose to go to the one at Kirt blvd because of their great customer service and care.
Hans DriesenHans Driesen
15:36 15 Feb 22
OMPT Specialists are amazing at what they do! After my accident and going there to start my physical therapy from day one to the end I knew I was in good hands. Jill (my physical therapist) is just awesome, she was always understanding very thorough and I would not have recovered as quickly without her. Their staff is amazing, even coming in at 7 o’clock in the morning everybody is super friendly with smiles on their face they never skip a beat !! And of course last but Definitely not least Tina the massage therapist, she rocks. Very attentive great at what she does. It is the perfect combination between physical therapy and massage therapy to help expedite the process of recovery. Highly highly recommended.
Karen KoosisKaren Koosis
17:12 28 Dec 21
Jyl and the rest of the team at OMPT on Kirts were exceptional. I could not be happier with the care I received. Thank you!
Rachel PerkinsRachel Perkins
21:48 22 Dec 21
You will not regret coming here! I have been in their care for physal therapy and for massage therapy. I can say with full confidence that everyone who works here is kind, professional, and attentive. No matter your reason for coming in, everyone always ensures you feel safe and are never pushing too hard. Great communication between staff and between you and your therapist. The massages will also be the best hour of your life. Everything is clean and organized and you can see the staff cleaning beds and equipment to make sure you are having the safest experience. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for long term physical therapy or just and hour to get a massage and relax. Wonderful team here!
joan schloopjoan schloop
19:10 01 Dec 21
All personnel have been responsive and professional. My therapist, Meghan, provided wonderful hands-on therapy and makes clear and knowledgeable recommendations for continued improvement. I will certainly go back to them if needed and highly recommend this facility overall. Although, I am finished with my current therapy, I have now made an appointment for a massage and trust I will have the same high level of professionalism. This will be my first massage since the beginning of Covid and I finally feel comfortable enough to allow this as I am boostered and I am confident of the health procedures at this facility.
Kailin MackKailin Mack
19:50 05 Oct 21
I absolutely enjoyed my treatment at OMPT. Treatment is unmatched, Jylian was my therapist and she made my recovery process very easy going. The front desk workers Lindsey in particular made my check in process very easy from start to finish. Lindsay the exercise tech helped tremendously with properly teaching me how to perform them. I love the OMPT family and I would recommend them to all of my friends and family!
Bev SwansonBev Swanson
15:58 05 Oct 21
I am very impressed with OMPT Specialists. I have been to several different therapists at different places. Kaitlyn is the first therapist that actually diagnosed my problems and actually helped me improve my ability. She was very patient and willing to explain everything she was doing and why. I finally feel I’m actually on my way to improving thanks to her. The entire office staff is friendly and always willing to help. I would definitely recommend going to OMPT Specialists.
Joan DuncanJoan Duncan
19:09 28 Jul 21
OMPT is absolutely the best PT Group i have ever experienced!! (and i have experienced a few). At each visit, i feel warmly greeted by the cheerful and friendly front office staff. The technicians who assist in the exercise programs are pleasant and well trained. My therapist, Meghan Jackson, is the ultimate in therapists! She is prompt for each appointment, helpful with the exercises, willing to answer any questions and explains what she is doing and how it will help me. i have had the occasion to experience her therapy both for my hip/back issue and most recently for my shoulders. The best news is that my hip, back, and shoulders are pain-free and so much better! THANKS Meghan!! I am so glad to recommend OMPT Troy Kirts.
Stevo ReenoStevo Reeno
18:34 26 Feb 21
I have been going to OMPT Specialists in Troy (Kirts) for about the past five weeks or so, and am incredibly pleased with the entire experience! Each one of the staff are so welcoming and caring.My therapist Emma is incredible! She always asks just the right questions each time to determine the level of my needs that day. She genuinely cares about providing the best experience. The hands-on therapy massage and manual traction always leave me feeling better than I did when I came in.Thank you, Emma, so much for all you've done to always make my neck feel better! I appreciate you!
This is WAY overdue. You can't find a better place for physical therapy. Kaitlynn is a wonderful therapist. I remember her telling me that I had more issues than anyone she had ever worked on and, originally, wasn't sure how to attack my myriad of aches. After my car accident I was wound up pretty tight from my shoulder to my knees. She systematically for two sessions a week over 5 months was able to get me loose, relieve the pain and had me almost back to normal before I took off on vacation in May. She and the staff are simply amazing individuals though at times I think they were happier to see my dog than me (sadly the ability to bring the dog had to end). They helped me find a way to continue treatment through the end of the year in an effort to address lingering leg and shoulder pain, despite my doctor not willing to continue the auto claim. Kaitlynn is just fantastic at her job. Inflicting the right pressure and techniques to manipulate my muscles that allowed me to get back to pre-accident condition. She is one of a kind and if I ever need PT again I won't hesitate to go back. Tina the massage therapist is also top notch.

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