OMPT Specialists Provides One-on-One, Customized Physical Therapy in Troy, Commerce, & Southfield

OMPT Specialists, with three locations in Troy, Southfield and Commerce Township, Michigan provide spine rehabilitation programs, sports injury rehabilitation and injury prevention, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatric orthopedic manual physical therapy, aquatic therapy (hydro therapy), functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) for work related injuries and much more. They also offer the communities of Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties, in south east Michigan, Fitness and Wellness programs which include gym memberships, group exercise classes, team fitness and pregnancy exercise classes.

OMPT Means Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

All physical therapy is not created equal. At OMPT Specialists, we specialize in treatment programs with proven results to get our patients better as quickly as possible. Our revolutionary treatments will promote a speedy recovery and the ability to return to daily activities. We use advanced methods to unlock the healing potential within. This is done by targeting the source of the pain, resulting in long-lasting results. OMPT ( orthopedic manual physical therapy) is a certified therapy recognized by the American Medical Association. Our physical therapists have completed the full post-graduate orthopedic manual physical therapy program at Oakland University, as well as the additional two years of training. Research has shown that conditions that have not responded to traditional physical therapy often get better with OMPT treatment.


Benefits of Our Program:

1. Reduced pain

2. Start seeing immediate results

3. Learn how to avoid future problems

4. Live life more enjoyably

5. Return to a more active lifestyle

6. Sleep better

7. Increased flexibility & movement

8. Improved core stability


Physical Therapy is Being Redefined!

Revolutionary pain relief treatments that work immediately are available at OMPT Specialists. You will love that it is gentle and very affordable for every patient, insurance or not.

The OMPT team is caring and compassionate, yet we are the best at what we do. You’ll find some of the best physical therapists that Michigan has to offer, and you’ll find physical therapy services not being offered by other facilities. If you are looking for a physical therapist in Michigan that will provide fast pain relief and improve the quality of your life, we assure that you will find the best physical therapist at our facility. Some of the reasons OMPT is unlike any other lies in our caring staff and revolutionary pain relief procedures. We truly are the experts in relieving pain and improving the quality of life for our patients. Call 248-353-1234 today and get a free screening to determine if we are the right PT facility for you.


OMPT Specialists, our name says it all. “Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy” or OMPT, is an advanced form of physical therapy that focuses on treating the cause of pain, not just its symptoms. OMPT delivers quicker, more thorough results than traditional physical therapy. OMPT is a certified therapy recognized by the American Medical Association; and research has shown that conditions that have not responded to traditional physical therapy often get better with OMPT treatment.


One-on-One and Customized is Our Approach


At OMPT Specialists, there is another key difference: Every patient is given one-on-one, customized care. From a thorough evaluation to attentive follow-up treatments, your care is provided by the same physical therapist who evaluated you.

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The OMPT Advantage

Highly Trained Therapists
All of our therapists are certified orthopedic manual physical therapists with 2 additional years of education above and beyond a standard physical therapy degree.
Advanced Therapy Equipment
With our state of the art equipment you can experience the benefits of warmth and decreased joint stress while receiving therapy. At OMPT, we do our best to stay on the cutting-edge of new physical therapy technology.
10 Reasons to choose OMPT Specialists:
  1. One-on-one care with your physical therapist.
  2. We never double or triple your therapy appointments with other patients.
  3. Complete and detailed verification of your insurance coverages.
  4. All our therapists are certified OMPT (2 more years of education above and beyond regular therapy degree).
  5. State-of-the-art AQUA THERAPY (hydro therapy).
  6. Cutting-edge equipment & technology.
  7. Early and late appointments are available.
  8. Step down and after care gym programs are available.
  9. Convenient locations.
  10. Private pay flat rate for those with no insurance.



Also known as manual therapy or manipulative therapy this is a physical treatment primarily used on the neuromusculoskeletal system to treat pain and disability. It most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles & joints.



Many rehab programs focus primarily on exercise, but our therapists are trained to provide manual physical therapy that can promote a full range of motion and better mobility of the joints and ligaments.



We have developed a highly effective physical therapy treatment plan for back pain relief and neck pain relief that can be personalized to each person’s unique needs.



Fast-track your recovery, one step at a time. Our therapists are certified in orthopedic manual physical therapy and have completed the full postgraduate OMPT program.



At OMPT Specialists, we are experts in working with kids of all ages on childhood conditions unique to them. We use manual physical therapy to address a broad variety of conditions, including muscle and joint limitations.



The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers great benefits. You can experience the benefits of warmth and decreased strain on joints.

Customized Physical Therapy with Proven Results

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