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about ompt specialists

Raising the Physical Therapy Standard, One Patient at a Time



  • We provide physical therapy treatment by a certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist. It is a certification that is provided by Oakland University to physical therapists who want to know and learn more about manual therapy. It requires the therapist to study for 2 more years (like fellowship) above and beyond the regular therapy degrees (PT,MPT,DPT) and puts an additional 200 extensive clinical hours and must pass numerous tests to be called Certified OMPT .
  • Insurance companies do not pay us differently to be OMPT therapists but it is our mission to have the best trained therapists.
  • Also, when you come to our clinic you will be treated only by the same physical therapist every visit (others may have you see assistant or different therapist every time you go to therapy). At OMPT Specialists, it is always ONE-ON-ONE care.
  • Despite the fact that health care reimbursement is declining to the medical providers, we are still committed to schedule one patient at a time, no double or triple booking appointments ever during your visit.
  • We also understand how the insurance can be really confusing and expensive. We don’t want to surprise you with a bill after your therapy. We will verify your insurance details and tell you before you start with your therapist how much you should expect as out of pocket cost.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

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