Find Fast and cost-effective pain relief with OMPT Specialists

If you want fast and effective relief for your painful condition, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy can help! Physical therapy has proved beneficial for improving mobility, relieving pain and reducing the need for surgery and prescription drugs. OMPT Specialists provides every patient with one-on-one care with the same highly skilled physical therapist each visit. The combination of the advanced form of therapy and the continuity of care will allow you to get back to your normal activity faster!

OMPT Specialists is here for you, for a wide variety of physical therapy needs such as back and neck pain, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, pre and post surgical care, chronic pain, work-related injuries, auto injuries, arthritis, sprains and strains, shoulder and hand rehab, foot and ankle pain, musculoskeletal disorders, TMJ, headaches, and much more!

Our Royal Oak office is located on the west side of Campbell Rd just north of Gardenia.

Services Offered At OMPT Royal Oak:

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