The AlterG or Anti-Gravity Treadmill is leading edge rehabilitation and training equipment. It uses NASA Differential Air Pressure technology to empower patients to move in new ways without pain. The AlterG can gently unweight patients from 100% to as low as 20% of their body weight for low-impact, pain free movement. Our therapists are able to get real-time gait data, pain recording, and live video monitoring to improve their clinical decision making. Through its patented technology the AlterG has helped shorten orthopedic recovery times, manage neurological conditions and chronic disease, build strength and endurance while aging, and increase athletic performance. The many benefits of the AlterG include but are not limited to the following.

  • Move again- pain free.
  • Allow earlier post-surgical weight-bearing exercise while protecting sensitive healing tissues.
  • Encourage range of motion and normalize gait mechanics.
  • Reduce gravitational forces to help maintain, regain, and promote healthy pain free conditioning
  • Limit downtime by training through injuries and enabling a return to sport in better condition
  • Increase training volume while minimizing risk of stress-related injury
  • Supports motor learning in a fall-safe environment

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