Colby MooreColby Moore
16:15 31 May 24
I have had knee pain for decades, I decided to try OMPt and am very glad i found them, Lauren is very knowledgeable, and is a great listener. I have been doing the program laid out for me with the very helpful staff at home and at OMPT and it has been very beneficial. Would highly recommend.
Brittany GervaisBrittany Gervais
18:49 04 Apr 24
I've seen both Lauren and Kim and they both were phenomenal! Very professional, encouraging, and knowledgeable. I was nervous because of OMPT having multiple locations mostly in Detroit, but was put instantly at ease once I called the office, as Holly and the staff are also very helpful and friendly. Everyone went above and beyond and I will go to them for all my needs in the future!
Judith BayJudith Bay
14:18 10 Nov 23
I was struggling with hip pain that was throwing the rest of my body out of whack. OMPT was new to the area and I thought I would give them a try. Shout out to LAUREN who helped me regain movement and strength. It's now over one year out and I still credit OMPT for helping me. Their staff are professional, kind and very knowledgeable. I recommend them highly!!
Beth FloryBeth Flory
14:19 02 Nov 23
My husband and i have both been patients at OMPT. Hands down, the best physical therapy place in Traverse City! I've only been seen by Eric, who is outstanding, can't say enough good about him. The staff is very friendly and always make you feel welcomed. So grateful that OMPT has a TC office.
Kathryn DrabikKathryn Drabik
16:41 25 Oct 23
After experiencing shoulder pain for some time I needed to find help and I thought physical therapy could be the answer. And I was right! Not really having a specific injury, the therapists diligently located the areas that needed attention and we worked on those. After five weeks the range of motion greatly increased and almost all the the discomfort is gone. I am more than pleased with the results and the very caring atmosphere of everyone at OMPT.
19:19 08 Oct 23
Kevin and Lauren are excellent, along with the rest of the staff. I was told to have hip replacement surgery by my orthopedic doctor but decided to try physical therapy instead. It has worked wonders and I love the aqua therapy. If you need PT in Traverse City, this is definitely the place to go!
Pamela TolanPamela Tolan
18:27 28 Jun 23
OMPT is a wonderful place to go and feel better with your body. They’re a great group of ladies and gentlemen and all of them are so kind. I walked through the door they all are so uplifting with smiles and kindness. Thank you all for helping me out!!😊🤗
Sherry McNamaraSherry McNamara
13:58 02 Jun 23
I was in miserable pain and decided to try physical therapy when nothing I was doing at home was working. My first interaction each visit was with Holly who is always so happy and welcoming to each patient as they come into the office. Lauren, my therapist, was fantastic and knew exactly what was necessary to relieve my pain. It was amazing how much improvement I had in a short time. Alina and Nick were great in putting me through my exercise paces, making it fun, but also making sure I was doing them correctly. And last, but definitely not least, I would check out at the end of my sessions with Angie, and she was a delight. Angie was always helpful and kind. As a manager for many years, it was very obvious that they have formed a great team here, that they work flawlessly together, and get along very well. In the many weeks I was there, I only observed positivity. It was a very good experience!
Amy CoxAmy Cox
16:09 18 May 23
Gina and the physical therapy techs at the Traverse City location were top notch professional and supportive of my recovery every step of the way. I highly recommend the OMPT TC team!
Tracy DanielTracy Daniel
16:04 13 Apr 23
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Eric is a great physical therapist. Plus they take my insurance.
James ProuxJames Proux
14:27 28 Dec 22
The entire staff is amazing with one exception, Gina. She is a superstar, my Angel and beyond amazing. I’ve been to 3 other PT facilities in TC with no results. I was very discouraged with PT. I went to Ompt with neck & head pain from no apparent reason. Being 62 and a guy I figured it was probably a tumor & I was dying. Nope, the hands on Therapy from Gina along with staff support took the pain away. Ompt and Gina turned it around & now I’m a believer in PT. Gina also has inspired me to get back on a exercise program. I highly recommend Ompt. I feel Gina saved my life. And as for Nick. Nicks your pal, Nicks your friend, you can always count on Nick!!👍Thank you thank you 🙏
Kathleen ParksKathleen Parks
16:12 07 Oct 22
I've been receiving treatment here for a little over a month, and couldn't be happier with the results and care. I see Gina, Nick and Angie primarily, but everyone that works there is stellar. (Holly is fab!) It’s a very friendly, easy-going atmosphere I’m happy to be in during my visits. I'm a sort of shy person when it comes to being physically active while being observed, but the folks here do a great job of helping people relax, and feel comfy. Thanks so much OMPT team!
Carolyn FrancisCarolyn Francis
13:23 30 Aug 22
I am extremely happy with the PT services at OMPT. Lauren and her exercise staff are highly qualified. Patients are given one-one care. I’ve made improvements in a short time.
linda fletcherlinda fletcher
20:00 13 Jul 22
It is without reservation of any sort that I rank the care I was given by Gina Gray, DPT at OMPT in Traverse City at the level of 5 stars. She conducted a careful evaluation of the problems I presented and developed a plan to address the multiple facets of my issues. She applied several advanced techniques including electrical stimulation and manual manipulation. Under her care I made rapid improvements to conditions I feared could be permanent and was ready for early discharge. The excellence of her clinical competence was matched if not exceeded by the compassion she evidenced every step of the way.Clearly the best PT care I have ever had.
Laura WoodLaura Wood
20:40 22 Apr 22
The entire staff at OMPT is friendly, and professional. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Nate has been my physical therapist from the beginning and I LOVE that I get to see the same PT for each appointment. Nate is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable (if he doesn't know, he takes the time to find out). I have been WOWed by my experience and would highly recommend OMPT.
Patti DamianiPatti Damiani
17:35 07 Apr 22
I appreciated the time Lauren and the team took to evaluate, determine the plan and then not only bring me relief through the manual manipulation/massage and heat/ice but equip me with at home exercises that were going to strengthen the muscles in order to prevent future pain. From Heidi at the front desk to those assisting Lauren, I could not be happier with my experience.
Alice TigheAlice Tighe
13:33 26 Jan 22
I went to OMPT for recurring lower back pain that was keeping me in pain and from work. Lauren & her friendly knowledgeable team helped me identify my weaknesses and taught me that exercise is the key for me to remain at my job, which includes much standing, lifting & carrying. The moist heat treatment is a wonderful way to end the session!
len kleinlen klein
02:20 28 Dec 21
Gina and JD worked with me over the last few weeks to help heal torn thigh muscles. I am extremely pleased with their care, knowledge, professionalism, hands on approach, and understanding.
Michael WoodsMichael Woods
00:45 21 Oct 21
When I came to have my first appointment I was in pain just to walk due to low back subluxation. After 2 appointments with exercise and heat I was able to walk without leaning over. In 2 weeks my pain was all but gone and now it is bit a memory. My experience couldn't have been better. Staff is professional and yet funny and entertaining. I would recommend the evaluation. Why live with pain. Great people.
Brenda BartzBrenda Bartz
12:05 12 Oct 21
This was truly a different PT experience! Hands on attention to pain areas EVERY session. Lauren was excellent! She honed in on my specific gait weakness associated with my back pain. Water therapy really kicked up my recovery. With chronic pain it is a process. I will return to OMPT of TC!
Alice AsherAlice Asher
18:57 09 Jun 21
Very professional yet friendly. Let me know step by step what they were doing. I am very comfortable with them and they were very knowledgeable.

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